Saturday, August 16, 2008

My First Kiss

Ready to kiss - or be kissed? In your special someone that you'd like to kiss? If you haven't yet experienced your first kiss, it can be a daunting challenge, we're going to pretend we're all heterosexual, but apply the tips as you like! Here are some tips, for your first romantic kiss.

1. Make sure you are kissably fresh.
2. Most girls will not want to make out in front of others, especially if this is her first kiss. Find the right time when you can be alone. Privacy is the key.
3. Watch carefully, because sometimes the signals can be confusing - she may flirt with you, then smack you on the head. These may just be coy games, or she may really be conflicted. Ask yourself these questions: Did you and your date seem to have a cozy, warm, close time together? Has she been flirting with you through body language? Has she licked her lips, or bit her lower lip while looking at you? Has she found excuses to touch you often? If you feel confident of these things, prepare to kiss!
4. If she is comfortable and doesn't look away then she is ready.Don't swoop in like a condor! Make it slow, nice, easy, romantic.Be a gentleman, for heaven's sake. Reach around her waist, gently draw her toward you (again, gentlemen, do not squish her up against you and then grind your pelvis against her).
5. You don't want to give her a chaste little peck. You also don't want to (well, you may want to, but don't!) shove your tongue down her throat. An excellent first kiss is one that is romantic, tender and memorable. Your mouth should not be overly opened or closed, and it shouldn't be mushy or too tight (relax). Don't let it go too long (more than, say, 20 seconds) or let it be too short (3 seconds is not enough) - think around 10 seconds or so. A tiny hint of tongue is nice if she seems willing, but make it flirtatious and not insistent.
6. Wait for her response. Just remain silent and smile, better yet hug her, ending the first kiss in a lovely, intimate moment.

Keep in mind that many are shy about kissing -- but this doesn't mean they don't want to kiss you. Pay attention to body language. If you think your someone might be suffering from this ailment, try kissing them! Just be mindful of their reaction. If they pull away, or are surprised or otherwise not interested in the kiss, be mature about it and don't take it personally. You can try again later unless you are rebuffed flat out.

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